Armaaman Community Celebrates Yam Festival


The Chiefs and people of Armaaman in the Upper West Akim District of Eastern region have celebrated their annual Yam festival to feed the stools of all the past Chiefs who reigned as Chiefs of the area.


The festival was aimed at purifying the stools of the past Chiefs in order to strengthen the stools to protect lives and properties of the people of Armaaman community.

The colourful ceremony attracted dignitaries from far and near including some Chiefs and Queen mothers from the Ajumako Dawrapong clan of Ngleshie Alata, James Town in the Ga State.

The occasion was characterized by drumming, dancing and singing of traditional songs as well as the display of rich Ga culture and tradition.

Addressing the gathering, the Divisional Chief of Amaaman, Nii Armaa Kwaofio II, called for unity amongst the Chiefs, elders and youth in the area to help propel socio-economic development and growth.

He expressed worry over the eroding of the Ga language, tradition and culture which according to him poses a set of challenges to the Ga State.

Nii Armaa Kwaofio II, said the situation demands a concerted effort to reverse it through documentation and proper teaching of GaDangme language in the public and private schools by training of teachers.

He also urged Ghanaians not to perceive the celebration of the
Homowo by Ga people as idol worshiping.

Nii Armaa Kwaofio II, explained that the festival is a solemn custom of
giving thanks to the Almighty God for the abundance harvest of food during the year and also for the remembrance of their ancestors.

The family Head of Ajumako Dawrapong clan of Ngleshie Alata, Nii Ayaa Klemekuku II, called on the various Chiefs of the Ngleshie Alata Traditional Area to rally behind the newly elected Acting President of the Ngleshie Alata Paramount, Nii Armaa Kwaofio II, to bring unity and development to the area.

Meanwhile, the Divisional Chief of Amaaman, Nii Armaa Kwaofio II, has been duly elected as the new Acting President of the Ngleshie Alata Traditional Council. This followed the demise of the previous Acting President, Nii Ngleshie Ardey.
He pledged to work hand in hand to restore hope and bring lasting solutions to the chieftaincy disputes that has characterized the image of James Town.

Nii Armaa Kwaofio II, was hopeful that together with the Council they will set in motion plans and strategies to help resolve the chieftaincy disputes that have characterized the Ga State.
By: Paul Mamattah


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