Another Clash In Ada Over Electochem Activities


There has been a clash between the youth of Kablevu, a salt mining community in Ada, and uniform Policemen and private security officers of Electrochem Ghana in Ada resulted in some youth sustaining various degrees of wounds.


In an interview with Radio Ada some of the community youth reported that they woke up Thursday morning to see a group of people in their community with a bulldozer to create a canal in the community.

They objected to the move after the community chief has indicated he has no knowledge on such an activity. This objection infuriated the group. They said the group later made a call to the Police and the private security of Electrochem who came to assault them.

They showed pieces of rubber bullets from the shots of the police to reporters. The community accused Electrochem of instigating the police against them.

Kablevu is a salt mining community in the southern part of the Ada West District in Greater Accra Region of Ghana and falls between the atlantic ocean and the songor lagoon.

The community members and other contiguous communities to the songor lagoon have engaged in numerous demonstrations in objection to government leasing of the Songor Lagoon to the private company, Electrochem Ghana.

When news men got to the community around 12 noon on Thursday, most of the youth and community members including the chief, Nene Huadze Asem, have fled.

The few left told newsmen that allowing the canal through the community will create a great threat to the survival of the community. They said the entire community risks submerging if Electrochem is allowed to carry out its agenda.

Electrochem Ghana, a subsidiary company of the McDan group of companies belonging to a businessman Dr. Daniel McKorley has been granted a lease by the government of Ghana in November 2020 to mine salt in the Ada songor lagoon.

The company has since been in the news for numerous clashes with different communities around the lagoon.

The company has not enjoyed enough community support despite the claim that it has created many jobs to the youth of Ada. Some of the victims of the brutality including one Asem Richard Kabutey are currently receiving treatment at Battor Government hospital.

Effort made at reaching out to the divisional police of Ada to take their side of the story has so far not been successful.

Source: Radio Ada


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