All Our Predictions Were Accurate – Voiceless Media


The Voiceless Media and Consult was, on Saturday June 20, 2020, vindicated when all the Aspring Parliamentary Candidates they predicted victory for during the NPP Parliamentary primaries all came true.


The Voiceless Media and Consult had predicted victory for Farouk Aliu Mahama in the Yendi Constituency, Hajia Alima Mahama in the Nalerigu/Gambaga Constituency, Alhaji Habib Iddrisu in the Tolon Constituency Amidu Chinnia in the Sissala East Constituency and many more.

These predictions were as a result of months of research, monitoring and polls that the Voiceless Media and Consult research team conducted.

These predictions were however met with various reactions from the reading public with some condemning the polls tagging it as sheer propaganda. Some even went to the extent of calling the credibility of the entire Voiceless Media and Consult into disrepute and others still attacking the personality of its Managing Editor, Chief Akilu Sayibu.

Chief Akilu Sayibu was however candid and resolute and asked all his critiques to wait for the results after the elections.

On Saturday June 20, 2020, all the Candidates the Voiceless Media and Consult predicted to win in the parliamentary primaries won convincingly thus vindicating the Voiceless Media

According to Chief Akilu Sayibu, this accuracy of their predictions just goes to affirm the long held credibility of the Voiceless Media and Consult.

He expressed gratitude to his hard working team who conducted the polls with their credibility on the line.

Chief Akilu noted that the Voiceless Media and Consult will continue to bring nothing but the truth to its cherished readers.

Source: The Voiceless Media



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