Alhaji Habib Iddrisu To Win The NPP Primaries In Tolon By 70%


This portal can report that the impending NPP primaries in the Tolon Constituency of the Northern Region shall be a cool chop for Alhaji Habib Iddrisu.


The portal research team’s polls show the delegates have already settled on Alhaji Habib as their Parliamentary Candidate for election 2020.

Political History of Tolon under the Fourth Republic

The NPP did not contest the Parliamentary elections in the Tolon Constituency in the 1992 elections. This was because the NPP boycotted the Parliamentary elections after alleging that the Presidential election was rigged.

In the 1996 Parliamentary elections, Alhaji Abdulai Salifu of the NDC obtained 14,545 of the votes to beat Alhassan Abukari Baako of the NPP who obtained 10,462 votes.

Alhaji Abdulai Salifu retained the seat for the NDC in the 2000 Parliamentary elections by pulling 11,740 votes while Alhassan Abukari Baako got 8,701 votes.

In the 2004 Parliamentary elections in the Tolon Constituency, both the NDC and the NPP fielded new Candidates; Umar Abdul-Razak and Alhaji Adam Iddrisu respectively.

The NDC Candidate, Umar Abdul-Razak retained the seat for the NDC by obtaining 19, 123 of the votes to beat Alhaji Adam Iddrisu of the NPP who secured 12, 359 of the votes. In the 2008 elections, Wahabu Suhuyini Wumbei of the NPP obtained 16,482 votes whilst Hon Umar Abudul-Razak got 17,482 of the votes to retain the seat once again for the NDC.

The NPP won the Tolon seat for the first time in the 2012 elections through Hon Wahabu Suhuyini Wumbei. He obtained 18,113 of the votes to beat Abdul-Razak Umar, the incumbent MP and Candidate of the NDC who got 15,699 votes.

Hon Wahabu Suhuyini Wumbei retained the seat for the NPP in the 2016 Parliamentary elections by pulling 21,782 votes to beat Umar Abdul-Razak who had 20,725 of the votes.

June 20th Primaries in Tolon

Five people have filed to contest the primaries on June 20th in the Tolon Constituency: Hon Wahabu Suhuyini Wumbei, Alhaji Habib Iddrisu, Alhaji Jagbo Baako, Mr Mohammed Zakaria and Hajia Amama Sayibu.

The Delegates

The Tolon constituency has 100 Polling Stations, 24 Electoral Areas Areas, 10 Council of Elders and Patrons, 17 Constituency Officers and 1 Founding Member.

It must be stated that during our research and Polls, we noticed that 7 Polling Station officers, 2 Council of Elders and 1 of the Constituency Executives were late. The total number of delegates to vote therefore are 542

Declarations for Alhaji Habib Iddrisu

Of the 16 Constituency Officers, 12 noted that they would vote for Alhaji Habib Iddrisu. 20 out of the 24 Electoral Area Coordinators have openly declared support for Alhaji Habib Iddrisu and are part of his campaign team. 8 of the Council of Elders and Patrons are for Habib. Alhaji Habib Iddrisu will receive majority of the votes at all levels of constituency on June 20th, according to our polls.

This portal can report that he will not get less than 380 of the total number of delegates on on the day of elections.

Why the massive support for Alhaji Habib Iddrisu

The delegates told the Voiceless Media researchers that they have decided to choose Alhaji Habib Iddrisu who has invested and continue to invest in all areas in the constituency without discrimination.

Source: The Voiceless Media


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