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Akufo-Addo Aide Cited In Fraudulent Land Grabbing Belonging To An Estate Developer

President Akufo Addo’s Aide de Camp, Brigadier General Bismark Onwona is using his status as the President’s Aide de Camp (Body Guard) to forcefully acquire two (2) plots of land belonging to an Estate Developer.

Brigadier General Bismark Onwona has since thrown the military’s rules of engagement and the law to the dogs and has resorted to using military personnel who invariably storm the land in a Rambo style and unleash brutalities on the workers working on the land belonging to the Estate Developer.

The said land for which Nana Addo’s body Guard is capturing illegally by hook or crook without recourse to the due process is located at Sakumono Community 14, opposite NTHC Estate enclave near the E-block school.

The land in question is 7.02 acres which was sold to Mr. Lawrence Awusitey, the Estate Developer by the Nungua stool many years ago which he paid and regularized it through the Tema Development Corporation (TDC).

Shockingly, and out of the blues, Brigadier General Onwona emerges from nowhere claiming two (2) plots out of the 7.02 acres of land owned by the Estate Developer has been sold to him by the TDC, hence his insatiable quest to acquire the land by force.

What is strange however is the fact that the very institution (TDC) which is supposed to know better and act in accordance with the law is in such a flagrant disregard for the laws and conniving with public figures to forcefully and illegally acquire lands belonging to rightful and legitimate owners and re-sell them to unsuspecting public figures like Brigadier General Bismark Onwona.

Checks by Ghanaianvoiceonline.com indicate that this despicable practice by the TDC is very prevalent as some owners of lands within that enclave confirm it tacitly without any shred of doubt.

On Thursday July 2 2020, military Personnel numbering four (4) in a vehicle with registration number VR 1234-19 stormed the fenced 7.02 acres of land belonging to the Estate Developer and brutalized the workers as well as threatened to come back and demolish any structure on the land.

“They came and ordered us to stop work. Before I could lay down my tools then he slapped me and the rest started attacking my other working colleagues” a Labourer on the site, Ahmed Oppong aka Hudu recounted.

“….now look at my eyes, I can’t even see well.”
Hudu, the assaulted labourer later went to the Sakumono Police Station to report the incident and was given a medical form to go seek for medical care.

Ghanaianvoiceonline.com later proceeded to the Sakumono Police station who confirmed to us that an assault case has been lodged with them by Hudu which they are investigating.

Ghanaianvoiceonline.com, during our investigations to ascertain the facts of the matter, accosted Nii Borketey Kwame, a native of Nungua who was a witness during the sale of the 7.02 acres of land by the Nungua stool to the Estate Developer.

Nii Borketey Kwame confirmed that the land was legally sold to the Estate Developer and that no body can claim ownership of any plots of land out of the 7.02 acres of the land legitimately owned by the Estate Developer.

“I was present when the land was sold to him. He has paid everything that is why he fenced the land and started developing it to protect the land. I don’t know why TDC and the military man are doing this. What they are doing will create problems”, he warned.

Later, Ghanaianvoiceonline.com together with other journalists contacted the TDC for their side of the issue only for the Protocols Officer at the TDC, Ian Oquaye to call the bluff of the media saying “you can publish anything we don’t care and he hanged the line to the chagrin of the Journalists.

On his part, after being contacted by Ghanaianvoiceonline.com, Nana Addo’s Aide de Camp Brigadier General Bismark Onwona explained that he owns the land and that TDC allocated the land to him after the initial land he bought in 1989 was encroached upon leading to the TDC allocating 2 plots out of the Estate Developer’s 7.02 acres of land as a replacement to his initial land he lost to encroachment.

Whilst admitting that the land was already fenced before he bought it, he also confirmed sending the military personnel to the land after realizing that somebody was developing the land adding however that he gave the personnel a clear instructions not to assault anybody.

Further investigations by Ghanaianvoiceonline.com into the disputed 2 plots of land revealed that a meeting sanctioned by the Managing Director of TDC, Madam Alice Ofori Attah, with Head of Estate of TDC one Asare, head of development of TDC, William Kosso, head of Protocols Ian Oquaye and land owners who bought their lands from the Nungua Stool in attendance proved after a composite plan of the site was produced at the meeting that indeed the Estate Developer owns the 7.02 acres of the land.

Further checks at the Office of the Gborbu Wulomo who is the custodian of Nungua Stool lands, to ascertain the veracity of the issue revealed that the land is legally owned by the Estate Developer.

Meanwhile, the Estate Developer has expressed his readiness to use legal means to stop anybody from encroaching on his hard earned land.

By: Mark Morrison


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