Ajumanko Dawuranpong Celebrates Homowo


The Ajumanko Dawurapong Clan a division of the Ngleshie Alata (James Town) quarters of the Ga State has celebrated their annual Homowo festival over the weekend.


Homowo is celebrated by the Ga people and means hoot at hunger and the celebration was characterised by several activities, such as the pouring of libation by the traditional priests and the sprinkling of the traditional food, Kpokpoi, amid the firing of musketry, singing, drumming and dancing.

Clad in red cloth, the celebration saw the Dzaasetse sprinkling Kpokpoi, the traditional food at sacred places, including the nine clan houses.

Elders of Ajumanko Dawurapong Clan

The clan houses are, Ajumanko Dawurapong (Stool House), Nii Attoh We, Nii Armah Tswetsweegu, Nii Otukunor We and Naa Djamah We. The rest were Nii Vanderpuye We, Naa Afrimpong We, Naa Amorkor We and Okai Attoh We.

In a message to the people of the Ga State, the Dzaasetse and the Acting Chief of the Ajumanko Dawurapong clan, Nii Ayi Okudzeman IV, called on Ga natives of not abandon their culture and values such as respect for the elders and chiefs since no nation can develop without its time tested values and culture.

Nii Ayi Okudzeman IV sprinkling Kpokpoi

“It may be true that culture and traditional values are dynamic and undergo mutations from time to time. However, no nation develops by wholesale abandoning of its culture. Certain cultural values, like respect for elders, in view of their wisdom and experience cannot be sacrificed, simply because of democratic dispensation,” he said.

Nii Ayi Okudzeman IV, also urged Ghanaians to follow the safety protocols by the Ghana Health Service to prevent the spread of the Covid-19 disease.

Nii Tetteh Tsuru III

He explained that they must constantly wash their hands with soap under running water, use of alcohol based sanitizers, keep social distancing from people they interacted with and sneeze into tissue and immediately dispose them off.

The Seitse (Stool Father) of the Ajumanko Dawurapong clan, Nii Tetteh Tsuru III, asked for God’s blessings and wished the people good health, long life and prosperity.

Nii Tetteh Tsuru III and Nii Ayi Okudzeman IV

He called for love and unity among the people, particularly the Chiefs of Ga Mashie.

“Let us put the past behind us and love one another. The strength of the broom lies in its togetherness and so are we as a people. Unity is strength and it is the surest way to build a nation and to ensure sustainable development,” he added.

In his remarks, the Family Head of the Ajumanko Dawurapon, Nii Ayaa Klemekuku II, called on politicians to focus on developing the Ga communities to improve the living conditions of the people instead of concentrating on party issues.

Nii Ayaa Klemekuku II and Nii Shippi

He noted that some communities in the Ga State lacked social amenities such as good drinking water, roads, health facilities and educational infrastructure but politicians have pushed all these important issues to the background due to political expediency.

By: Paul Mamattah



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