Agave People Finally Celebrate Their Annual Festival After Long Years Break


Chiefs and people of the Agave Traditional Area have celebrated their annual Dzawuwu festival for the first time in over a decade due to the absence of a Paramount Chief.


It was climaxed with a grand durbar at Dabala, the political capital of the South Tongu District on the theme; Re-branding Agave state for peace, unity and development

The celebration which hinged on peace and togetherness for the overall progress of the Agave state became imperative given the dwindling tradition and culture the festival showcases as a result of not celebrating it for past eleven years.

The People of the Agave Traditional Area, the largest among the five traditional areas in the South Tongu District of the Volta Region have not celebrated their annual Dzawuwu Festival in the last eleven years after the passing out of their Paramount Chief, Torgbuigah Azaxie Degenu lll, the 12th Awormefia of the Agave state in 2009 after ruling for 17 years.

This was due to their inability to install a new Paramount chief as a result of a legal tussle over the legitimate successor to the demised Chief.

However, elders thought it wise to re-institute the celebration, considering how fast the chieftaincy issue is being resolved, believing amicable settlement soon to pave way for a new paramount chief.

The Awadada of the Agave Traditional Area, Torgbui Korwu Adzowe Vll in his welcome address stressed the need to expunge the negative aspect of their cultural tradition and make positive inputs where necessary for the upliftment of the Agave state.

On the notion that the festival is fetish, Torgbui Korwu Adzowe Vll explained that just as other tribal entities in Ghana, Dzawuwu which means sprinkling of food seeks to express gratitude to God for a bumper season and seek more prospects in the years ahead, after the people of Agave exodus Glimeh to their present location.

He charged all indigenes to make the festival an integral part of their identity in order to foster unity and development of the Agave state.

The South Tongu District Chief Executive, Louis Agamah on his part implored his constituents to utilise the government flagship programme, planting for food and jobs, as predominant farmers.

Mr. Agamah touched on government’s steps to mitigate the negative Impact of the climate change as a result of global warming on the country, and urged the people to support such initiatives to inure to the benefit of Ghana.

By: Edward Tetteh


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