Ada East Fails To Elect PM For The Second Time


The Ada East District Assembly has failed to elect a Presiding Member, PM, after several rounds of voting including YES/NO votes.


None of the three contestants in the four rounds of balloting on Monday February 3, 2020 had obtained the mandated two-thirds majority to become the PM.

A government appointee, Asafoatse Amusu Akpey was rejected with ‘NO’ majority votes even when his only opponent, Assemblyman for Lolonyakorpe Electoral Area, Michael Torgbey stepped down for him, after they both failed to garner the expected votes a fortnight ago.

The contest was according to the local government rules opened for fresh candidates, when the Assemblyman for Salem-Agorkpo Electoral Area, Rockson Sewornu and Mark Nii Adjei Sowah, Assemblyman for Foah-Wem Electoral Area contested. Either of the duo was rejected after two rounds of voting.

Rockson Sewornu after the two keenly contested race withdrew his candidature, but Mark Sowah again fell short of the required number in a ‘YES/NO’ balloting.

So in all six rounds of voting in the last two weeks, the Assembly has disapproved of all four contestants and as a result failed to elect a PM in the event which was supposed to be an inaugural ceremony of the Assembly after the December 17 District Assembly elections.

After several consultations and appeals from opinion and traditional leaders for consideration to elect a PM for the Assembly to commence its business, the 41 Assembly Members comprising 12 government appointees and 29 elected members failed to elect a PM for the Ada East Assembly.

The District Chief Executive, Sarah Dugbakie Pobee was unhappy at the turn of event, in the face of the several appeals she made to the members to place the interest and development of Ada above all other considerations.

She lamented how IGF is being squandered to organise such events which are not yielding the expected results, and how the Assembly’s business is delaying due to the absence of a PM.

The next election will however be convened in the next ten days, according to the local government procedure.

By: Edward Tetteh


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