Accra Mayor Must Be Sacked! …..Nuumo Okassa Fires


A pressure group calling itself Nuumo Okassa Foundation in collaboration with Rescue Gamashie Mission has called on the president of the Republic H.E Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo to as a matter of urgency revolk the appointment of the mayor of Greater Accra, Elizabeth Naa Kwatsoe Tawiah Sackey.


It will be recalled that Hon. Elizabeth Sackey was appointed as the Mayor of Accra bearly a year ago by the president to replace the incumbent , Mohammed Nii Adjei Sowah as the new Municipal Chief Executive of the Accra Metropolitan Assembly (AMA).

Delivering a speech during a press conference in Accra, the convener of the group, Nuumo Kofi Okassa Diaka II,

“You cannot not help but agree with me that Madam Kwartsoo Sackey’s continued tenure will not leave any unique legacy of the Akuffo Addo administration in Accra when the President leaves office in January 2025”, the statement added.

The city authorities under the Mahama administration, according to the statement, also continued their possitive impact programs for Accra with a program to redevelop the roads and markets in the city.

The AMA undertook a massive road and alley paving program in the Ga-Mashie and Okaishie areas. A walk around Ngleshle, Kinka and the Kantamanto areas will show how the city was transformed for the benefit of the residents and those that come from the suburbs to conduct business in the city.

Clealy, one can see the city actually being modernisedliterally in front of one’s eyes with roads being asphalted and communities being transformed overnight.

This developmental momentum was sustained during the tenure of Nii Adjei Sowah when H.E. Nana Addo Dankwa Akuffo Addo came to power in 2017, with the asphating program being extended to suburbs of Accra, like Kaneshie, Bublashie North Kaneshie etc. Most importantly, the youth of Ga-Mashie were recruited to work on these projects and on AMA programs, thereby, reducing the poverty rate amongst the youth in Ga-mashie.

According to Nuumo Okassa, it is sad to note that ever since Elizabeth Kwartsoo Sackey took office as the Mayor of the city, this progressively incremental development of the city has stagnated. Accra is not seeing or feeling the impact of Kwartsoo’s  administration. Everything is slowly unraveling, even sanitation, in an era when we have a sanitation tax.

“We, as the traditional rulers in the city, have a stake in how the city is managed and developed and we will not sit unconcerned while the development of the city stagnates and the projections and vision of the president for our city is derailed by the mediocrity and incompetence of the current Mayor, This is not about gender but a situation which is obvious for all to see”, he stressed.

The statement also acused the Mayor to  have surrounded herself in office with young and inexperienced people.

“As traditional rulers, we are aware the AMA is officially performing the role that our ancestors had performed, that is, managing Accra on a daily basis. The AMA is, thus, mandated by law to cater for the traditional authorities in the city. However, this responsibility is progresively being abdicated by the AMA under the tenure of the current Mayor”, he stressed.

By: Kingsley Asiedu


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