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1985 Tragedy Befalling Us Again – Ada Residents


Communities around the Songor Lagoon in the Ada West District of the Greater Accra Region of Ghana bemoan the constant brutalities and molestation they are subjected to, an unpleasant situation that conjures memories of the 1985 tragedy which claimed the life of a young lady.

The residents are frequently harassed by the Police and thugs believed to be affiliated with Electrochem amidst shooting for ordinarily protecting their centuries’ sole source of livelihood. The disturbing developments are reminiscent of an unforgettable occurrence that remains traumatic in the minds of many.

On that black Friday, May 17, 1985, 25 years old pregnant lady, Margaret Kuwornu, was hit to death at home by a stray bullet fired by the Police from Songor Lagoon following a misunderstanding between communities and one Apenteng over the takeover of the lagoon.

The late former President, Jerry John Rawlings, swiftly intervened and ensure calm in communities around the lagoon, and subsequently took interest in the case which was adjudicated at the International Court of Justice in favour of the people of Ada.

The Mineral Resource has since then been at the disposal of the people of Ada and the entire Ghana, as the government took charge of only three percent of the total land size known as the Songor Salt Project which has been in harmony with the indigenes for decades.

The unpleasant situation resurfaced a year and a half ago since Electrochem owned by Daniel McCaully took over virtually the entire lagoon in contravention of a section of the International court’s ruling and the master plan of the lagoon formulated by a Cuban International Cuban Mineral Consultancy firm and Inter-Ministerial Committee. It states among others that the Songor Lagoon CANNOT be given to one individual entity, with the interest of the locals at the centre of this decision.

However, about 50 inhabitants have been shot by Police personnel and thugs of Electrochem since the arbitrary takeover, resulting in one Agbenyefia losing his life with several others battling ill-health for carrying pellets in their bodies.

Not only are residents unable to access salt winning which has been their major livelihood means over several centuries, but Electrochem has also through its activities blocked natural waterways that channel the large volume of water from Larteh in the Eastern Region, Battor-Aveyimeh areas through into the Songor Lagoon which serves as a sponge for tens of communities around the lagoon. This results in flooding of communities at the least rain-destroying properties.

In what residents describe dubious lease agreement, some communities have been earmarked for relocation, a factor that contributes to the objection by the indigenes.

Residents in commemorating the tragic death of their beloved one 37 years back, Chiefs and people of Bornikorpe and Toflokpo had invoked the spirit of Margaret Kuwornu to fight the injustice they are currently faced with.

They are therefore calling on the President and Minerals Commission as well as the international community to intervene to stop the inhumane suffering in the hands of Ghana Police Service and thugs of Electrochem aided by the Police.

Several indigenes currently find it difficult to put food on the tables for their children and cater for their school needs thereby further impoverishing them.

By: Ghanaianvoiceonline.com


NDC Promises Ashaiman Ministerial Position


The National Democratic Congress, NDC, has pledged a ministerial position to the Ashaiman Constituency in the next NDC government to reward Ashaiman for being its bedrock since 1992.

The National Chairman of the party, Samuel Ofosu Ampofo, disclosed this during the Mother’s Day celebration in Ashaiman said, the constituency has overwhelmingly endorsed the NDC in all elections since 1992 and thus become the party’s bedrock and therefore must be rewarded for its loyalty and commitment.

Samuel Ofosu Ampofo, who was the guest of honour in his speech recognised that Ashaiman has been one of the strongholds of the NDC since Ghana returned to multi-party democracy in 1992, giving the party the highest number of votes than any other constituency across the country in the 2020 elections and must therefore incentive as such.

“When people I’ve used their support, we need to reciprocate it. So for that one, if i will not lobby for any immaterial position, at least i have started lobbying for a ministerial position for Ashaiman” he opines.

The National Women’s Organiser of the NDC, Dr. Hannah Louisa Bissiw, recounts women who have lost their lives in the past few years, including the missing Takoradi girls, Ahmed Susle’s wives, and mother as well as all who were shot and killed by security personnel in connection with electoral activities, whose mothers would have wished them alive to celebrate them on this occasion. To this end encouraged the NDC women to brace themselves up and police their ballots come 2024 as a means of defending their rights of inclusion.

The Ashaiman MP, Henry Ernest Norgbey, on his part said, he has realized that many of the old people who have toiled to formalize the NDC in Ashaiman have not been celebrated enough, hence the I initiative to award them on such a special occasion.

The gesture he explained should serve S a wake-up call and motivate the young people to give their all to the cause of the party which will not go unrecognized.

Awardees received items including mattresses, fans, sewing machines, and television sets as well as plaques and citations. The MP also donated a sound system to the constituency to be used for their activities.

Present at the occasion were the second deputy minority chief whip, Comfort Doyo Ghansah, Dr. Zanetor Agyeman Rawlings, Rockson-Nelson Dafeamekpor, Yussif Jaja as well as past and present regional and constituency executives of the party.

By: Ghanaianvoiceonline




Help Desirous Youth To Acquire Skills – Chief Urges Skills Training Groups


The Regent of Ashaiman, Nii Annang Adzor II, urges Mastercraft and Artizans Association of Ghana to position themselves and admit any youth desirous to learn trades to equip them with skills to be useful to themselves and the country as a whole.

This he said will add quality to the human resources of Ghana, enhance economic well-being as well as reduce social vices and moral decadence in the Ghanaian society.

The Ashaiman Regent made the reminder at the graduation ceremony of 35 young ladies who had undergone makeups and ancillary techniques in cosmetology at Zenu in the Kpone-Katamansu Municipality of the Greater Accra Region.

The nine-day training organised by Power Minds Youth Ghana, a youth and female empowerment organisation seeks to equip young ladies and gents who are willing to learn a trade in the cosmetology industry but lack the financial capabilities to be self-reliant in life.

Nii Annang Adzor II, noted that lack of formal education is not an inability and implored the youth to venture into skills acquisition with a focus on their betterment. The Ashaiman Regent who expressed dissatisfaction at the quick money syndrome among the youth given this charged Mastercraft, Artizan Association of Ghana to readily position themselves to admit such youth, asking religious entities to also whip up trade learning enthusiasm in the young generation.

“Young people of today want quick monetary, this is why they don’t want to learn skills. But if you learn skills, no one will take it away from you and it helps you get something doing always to fend for yourself” he stressed.

The Executive Director of Power Minds Youth Ghana, Benedicta Vandyke, who hints that her reason for the initiative stems from the ordeal of a friend who had wanted to become a cosmetologist but lacked the funds to enroll in school further explains how far she wants to carry the project to affect lives positively. “I decided to do this when a friend tried to attend a cosmetology school but didn’t have money to pay for admission and fees. This pushed me to organise this training for similar young ladies out there who have the penchant learn but do not have money” she emphasized.

Miss Vandyke disclosed that her resolve is to replicate the training across the country to reach persons who are yearning for such an opportunity to acquire skills.

Grace Barnes, a young hairdresser who was nocked and abandoned by a vehicle a few years ago and has since been unable to work tells Ghanaianvoiceonline.com that she try a similar initiative but was disqualified perhaps due to her condition.

“I tried one of these training sections but was told i did not qualify, i am so happy that i was admitted here has successfully learned this in addition to my hairdressing trade. Having been incapacitated, i believe this will help me get some money for myself at least.

Beneficiaries including foreign nationals expressed contentment at the training and recounted the immeasurable benefits of the training.

By: Ghanianvoiceonline.com


Student Leader Chides Gov’t For Late Payment And Default Of Research Bursary


The Ghana Scholarship Secretariat (SCHOLSEC) has been accused of defaulting on the payment of thesis grants and bursaries due to postgraduate students for the past three years.

Former President of the Graduate Students Association of Ghana (GRASAG), Raphael Apetorgbor said the SCHOLSEC is yet to complete payments of the bursary and thesis grants to graduate students from 2019/2020 to the 2020/2021 academic year.

Mr. Apetorgbor also expressed fret over the inability of the secretariat to fulfill its financial obligations to graduate students in the payment of bursary and thesis grants for the 2021/2022 academic year to aid their research work.

He said the delay by the government has made it difficult for most students to complete their academic research as a result of a lack of funding which is inadequate and has resulted in students being unable to submit their thesis for graduation.

“The Government of Ghana’s conception of research bursaries to aid graduate research in the country demonstrates the fact that governments over the years appreciate the importance of postgraduate education and research to our national economy. However, the current response from the government is frustrating our research work,” Mr. Apetorgbor said.

Mr. Apetorgbor appealed to the government to increase their bursaries and thesis grant by at least 100% due to the high cost of living standard.

He explained that the current amount between GH¢ 450 and GH¢900 per graduate, is woefully inadequate for quality research.

The former president of GRASAG also expressed fear that their bursaries for the next academic year may delay since previous bursaries and thesis grants have not been paid.

The annual bursary and thesis grants are among five (5) types of scholarships for local public universities and technical universities under the local tertiary scholarship awards of the Scholarships Secretariat of the Republic of Ghana. The Secretariat was established in January 1960 as an extra-ministerial body under the Office of the President.

Its main role is to administer and exercise central control over scholarship awards for capacity building to ensure effective manpower support for the national development agenda.

The thesis grants are payments made to PhD, MPhil, and MA/Postgraduate Diploma students working on their research for one academic year, while the bursary grants are paid uniformly across the board annually to mitigate the course cost of postgraduate education.

By: Ghanaianvoiceonline.com


Electrochem Ghana Activities Causing Flooding In Ada West Communities


Some communities in and around the Songor Lagoon in the West Ada District of the Greater Accra Region have been cut off from reach as a result of Wednesday night’s torrential rain.

Residents found it difficult to commute in and out of the communities because their access routes have been submerged cutting them from reaching Sege and Ada Junction, the business centres of the area.

Not only is Sangor Lagoon known for its quality natural salt production over centuries, but the lagoon also serves as a major reservoir that holds water that comes from Osudoku and Battor Aveyime areas when it rains thereby preventing flooding of communities around.

However, the situation presently is dire such that, Electrochem Ghana Limited, a company that maximise returns from salt and chemical industries, through its activities has deposited hips of mud scooped from their ponds in the heart of Sege Sonkorpe on a natural watercourse which has blocked running water from flowing to its destination thereby flooding the road which links the above community to Sege, the district capital.

To worsen the situation, the very opening of water into the Songor Lagoon at Kposem near Goi has also been blocked causing the large volume of water from other regions and districts to flood communities around.

Okada operators had to swim with their motorbikes across with passengers as vehicles dared not attempt to access the route to the community or risk breaking their engines.

A community leader, Abraham Ahumah Tetteh Karimu, spoke about the situation to say, over 30 communities around the Sangor Lagoon stand the risk of being displaced should the blockade at Goi is not removed immediately as the rains continue.

“We complained about Electrochem’s activities right from the outset and we were considered enemies of progress. We have lived here for about four hundred years and witnessed heavy rains with no floorings. EPA and Minerals Commission reneged on their mandates leading to the situation that we are faced with presently” He asserts.

Mr. Karimu, therefore, appealed to officials of NADMO and the Minerals Commission to visit the place and do the needful before disaster strikes.

Whilst Eva Anglerh expressed worry about how to convey the remains of her dead mother to the community the next day for burial due to a lack of access route to and from the community, Amadu Dametey says his pepper farm has submerged as a result of the development.

“Realising the coming of the flooding due to the hipped mud, I started creating a tunnel to avoid flooding of my farm but I was overwhelmed in no time. About a thousand Ghana Cedis I invested in the farm has gone down the drain and my fate in is the balance now” the septuagenarian farmer laments.

By: Ghanaianvoiceonline.com


Mahama, The Last 3 Election Results And The Pollsters Report


The Ghanaian media have elevated the 2022 EIU report far above the president who has been fingered in an organised robbery case involving 2 Ghanian ladies who have naturalized as Canadians. For a minute, I will share my opinion with the findings of the pollsters.

Research findings are very important in marketing. It is a needed tool in breaking new grounds. Even fake or sponsored research must be analyzed for competitive advantage.

Gathering data and analysing it is one thing, and understanding why a group of people behave in a particular way is also another important thing.

In 2012, John Mahama won the elections with 5.5 million votes, in 2016, the votes dropped badly to 4.7 votes which we considered a defeat.

In 2020, we were able to pull the elections to a run off; debatable as it may sound. Unprecedented in the history of our elections in Ghana for a first time president to suffer that fate. The NDC votes ballooned far above the 2012 victory figures of 5.5 million votes, to 6.3 million votes. Don’t be fooled by the results announced by Jean Mensah in her private room where she was greeting us good morning as late as 5pm. No candidate got 50% of the votes cast.

One day, I will write about why we didn’t present our figures in court to tell our story, but relied on the declaration form which is a creation of law!!! The predictions of the unanimous FC and how they have been behaving under Nana Addo, has never failed.

Watch out for another set of judges approved at the NPP Functional executive meeting and sent to the presidency for endorsement.

The last 3 elections saw His Excellency John Dramani Mahama leading the NDC. The graph of the results,will tell a better picture of what the future holds for the NDC in 2024.

Ben Ephson’s findings on the other hand endorsed John Mahama but not with a professor Jane Naana Opoku Agyeman ticket. I will not worry my head so much about this because thankfully, the NDC doesn’t open normination for running mates. It remains the responsibility of Mr. Mahama in consultation with the council of elders.

I am happy all the reports talk about a victory for the NDC and some with IFs and WHENs. We will not be distracted, nor be carried away. The job dey ground !!! Trust the NDC delegates any day any time.

We have 2 years ahead of us and each day is important towards victory 2024. The future is bright and positive. We can’t afford to be distracted, the way remains forward and I see better days ahead

Kun fa Yakun

By: Godwin Ako Gunn


CISCM Conducts Induction, Investiture Ceremony For Members


The Chartered Institute of Supply Chain Management (CISCM) Ghana, over the weekend performed a colourful Induction and Investiture ceremony for new and existing members of the Institute respectively.

The ceremony marks the end of two-Day activities by the Institute in commemoration of World Supply Chain Week 2022.

The Chartered Institute of Supply Chain Management  Ghana, a member of the  International Federation of Purchasing and Supply Management (IFPSM) prides itself as the most prominent professional body for those who are developing a career in Supply Chain Management.

The event themed ” Remaining Resilient in the face of the global supply chain catastrophes”, was climaxed with a set of public lectures delivered by two of the members who were elevated by the institute to the status of “Fellow”

The two lectures were delivered on topics including; The call for sound Leadership and Integrated Supply Chains Strategies in turbulent times and Supply Chain Financing and matters arising.

The induction and Investiture were performed in three categories namely; Eminency: included; Fellow and Subject Matter Experts respectively. Full Member as well as Associates from levels 1,2, and 3 respectively.

The Vice President of the Institute performed the Induction and Investiture by swearing in the inductees into office whiles calling and further decorating those who were elevated to “Fellow” statuses accordingly.

Speaking to the media after the event, the Vice President of the Institute, Mr. Justice Awuku-Sao disclosed that one of the objectives of the event was to review what has happened in the past and what the institute and its members can do to improve upon the challenges.

Mr. Awuku-Sao mentioned that, with the issue as regards recent Supply Chain Distractions, his outfit has embarked on an education and is ready to aid the government in formulating policies concerning supply chains.

He encouraged members of CISCM to play a major role in the formulation of Supply Chain policies by their respective organisations.

“Be part of policy implementation where ever you find yourself working”, he added.

For her part, one of the members who got elevated to the status of a “Fellow” in the person of  Madam Boahemaa Otoo, President for Women in Supply Chain, reiterated that Supply Chain has principles, and being a “Fellow” and a woman, she is going to abide by the principle in all her endeavors as related to Supply Chain to ensure that other women will learn from these principles.

She sighted Integrity as a great principle that comes with the Supply Chain profession and also noted that, as a professional in the Supply Chain space, you will have to work with speed to make a difference in the industry and also be proactive to make sure that you are doing exactly what is expected of you.

“Due to the volatile and uncertain nature our work has become because of recent global distractions caused by the Coronavirus pandemic coupled with the most recent Russia/Ukraine upset, one needs to work with speed and also be proactive at all times”, she emphasized.

According to her, by so doing, the integrity of the Institute will always be held up in high esteem.

The President who doubles as the Chief Supply Officer for Jospong Group of companies noted that the Supply Chain Management profession is a Male-dominated profession and that notwithstanding, our elevation today will among other things, serve as a source of inspiration and motivation to other females who aspire to become members and also climb the ladder to obtain the “Fellow” status as far as Supply Chain is concerned.

On the issue of Procurement integrity the president of Women in Supply Chain mentioned that to maintain integrity in the Procurement system, you need to get your sourcing right, making sure you are dealing with the right people. This she explains, will ensure the goods get to the right destination as expected.

By: Kingsley Asiedu



Reflecting On Serwaa Broni’s Questions And The Headache Of Forming Campaign Team


I stopped watching, switched my phone off, covered my head with a blanket and asked myself how could a president open himself up this cheaply!!! After a second thought, I relaxed and said to myself, a leader is as good as the people he surround himself with.

The NPP in the 2016 elections were so desperate, they pounced on anything for campaign. They were all over the place shouting *PAPANU*, referring to a comment a celebrity made about her baby daddy who got her a house. I have a better understanding now of the proverbial kejetia thief, who will be the first to start beating a caught thief.

Serwah Broni mentioned some kejetia thieves in her interview. Karma is really on a mission, Hope it finds them well.

Let anyone who thinks he is standing take heed lest he falls, as I humbly share some few lessons I learnt from her interview last night.

Many have wondered how fast Tiwaa Addo Danquah have been promoted multiple times under Nana Addo. She has played her part as a cleaning house for the president. Though she may not be on top of her game, and has been caught on camera a few times. You can’t blame her too much, it is frustrating to work under some principals. New day, new trouble.

Rely on professionals not family and friends
Friends and family may be the first line of support for any endeavor, but remember there are trained people to handle delicate endeavors. Engage them, rather than engaging loud mouths, who pretend they can solve every problem, but later use your weaknesses as bargaining chips. The more family and friends surround you, the higher the tendency to relax security provisions and arrangements.

Solve all problems
There are people in a team who will call people’s bluffs, and dare others. Drop them. They will not suffer the consequences of their action but you. Their names may never even come up but yours. As much as possible, settle all issues.

Choose your handlers carefully
I felt embarrassed,when Serwah Broni said the people who were chosen to clean the mess of the president, were taking facilitation fees along the chain of delivery, who does this? Knowing the neck of your principal is on the line?

After the embarrassing cash for seat saga, it appears the crop of young men around the presidency have not learnt any lessons. They are just money making machines with no principles. Business as usual.

Your financiers must be solid people not Jokers
All that glitters are not gold. Some are noisy metals. Though the negotiated amount is not known, it’s disappointing for some so called rich names that Serwah Broni mentioned could look on for things to get this far. couldn’t they have put up a team to clear the bill of their principal? But you hear them shouting on air, as if without them, the world will come to an end.

Honesty pays
I may be wrong on this, especially when I have never been a big man before, but I don’t know how difficult it is to say I messed up, I got this wrong, giving the opportunity I will not do this or that this way. I thought that makes us more human. Lies has only been a short term tool. It can be so distractive in the long run. See how Bawumia is struggling to remain relevant because of lies.

I intentionally didn’t respond to the actions and inactions of the principal. Character is very important, it is like pregnancy, it can never be hidden. The principal is like an old dog with no morals, you can’t teach him any new trick. With this in mind, the bulk of the job stops with his handlers.

It may be a privilege to be close to big men/women, but the faster we understand it’s a whole job of trust and confidence, the better it will be.

Before you ask to be a part of someones campaign team, find out what you are bringing on. It’s not enough to just add up to the numbers.

Before you criticize someone’s action in a team, first appreciate his role in protecting his principal. There are more to campaigns than meets the eyes.

The character of a principal may be extremely bad, but trust a good team to handle him.

If you have a loved ones in places of authority, pray for them. It is a difficult space to occupy, even with our little positions in the branches, constituencies, region and national with no salaries!!! Guard your heart with all diligence, for out of it flows the issues of life.

For the lies the NPP perpetrated against us, I would have said it serves them right, but I won’t, but rather pray for better days ahead.

Kun fa Yakun



Ningo Senior High Technical School Risks Losing ICT Lab


The Ningo Senior High Technical School risks losing its ICT laboratory due to computers being exposed to direct rains as a result of the roof wiping off by rainstorms.

The situation, therefore, requires urgent attention from relevant authorities or gadgets in the laboratory break down beyond repairs and eventually deprive the school of ICT laboratory.

Started as a private school by an indigene, W.G Nartey, the Ningo Senior High Technical School was absorbed by the government in 1992, with current students population of about 2 thousand.

Only about 500 out of the over thousand 800 plus students have been admitted as boarders with the majority of the students accommodating themselves elsewhere. The situation per checks is resulting in school dropouts as day students have to rent rooms in the nearby communities before commuting to and from school at an average amount of ten Cedis a day, a situation many parents are unable to bear, hence students falling out of school.

To worsen their plights, a rainstorm on Friday 1, 2022, ripped off the roofs of their ICT laboratory, staff common room, and Kitchen.

The Ghanaianvoiceonline.com visit during Wednesday downpour met the computers, WiFi, servers, and other accessories covered with poly materials under the open roof with rainwater dripping all through the ceiling which only prevents the gadgets from direct sun rays.

Not only are computer lessons on hold since the incident, but both the teaching staff and the students are also living in a difficult situation, worsening their already existing constraints which include a lack of water, school buses, the dormitory for boys and girls scrambling for space in their woefully inadequate dormitory.

The Ningo-Prampram District Education Director, Mrs. Sarah Adobosu, commenting on the development said, she informed the assembly after having first-hand information on the damage as NADMO officials were directed to assess the situation, saying they are waiting for a response from the assembly.

Mrs. Adibosu sought the opportunity to appeal to spirited individuals and corporate entities in and around the Ningo-Prampram areas to augment the government’s effort at uplifting education in the district. “I know we have wealthy people in this area. I am just pleading with spirited individuals, the MP, and all entities to help the directorate to enhance the duration of the Ningo-Prampram District” she emphasized.

Meanwhile, as of Friday, April 8, 2022, the wiped-off roofs were yet to be attended to.

By: Edward Graham Sebbie



Many Believe NDC Cannot Win Case At The Supreme Court Until Anin Yeboah Retire


Many have asked me where the confidence by the minority to go to the supreme court is coming from. Some have also asked what we have learnt from the 7:0 and 9:0 decisions during the last election petition.

I got shocked when one said, “i am sure the NDC want to see a 13:0 before you realize who panels judges at the supreme court”.

The calls have been overwhelming, 4 days after the ‘supposed’ passage of the E-levy, and the president’s signature to the bill knowing very well that there is an injunction by the minority even made it worse.

Let me share some of their sentiments.

Ako, check the rulings of Anin Yeboah JSC as he then was in the 2012 election petition. He granted every relief Nana Addo asked for. How do you think you can win a case against Nana Addo when he is the chief justice today?

Someone who claimed to work at the birth and death registry also had this to say. ” If not for election registration, how can the supreme court call our birth certificates good for nothing. Virtually saying it’s now a toilet paper”

Another asked me to cast my eyes to the speed that a court ruling to prevent the cape coast North MP to be sworn in got to Accra? Within 20 minutes a bailiff had been dropped from cape coast court to parliament house by a special drone.

One exclaimed Godwin think !!! Think deep !!! How do you think the NPP kept telling you guys they will pass the E-levy by the 30th of March? What did they know that you didn’t know? What do you think they did to ensure a member was not in the house before 12?

These worrying sentiments are unfortunately the ones I can share, because they are the decent ones amongst many.

However bad you think or feel the laws are being bent to please the system, We have a duty to assure our followers to have trust in the minority’s case in the court.

To over rule one’s own ruling, or not enlisting a case to be heard or whatever your suspicions may be, posterity will smile at all of us fairly.

Being seen as a poodle in the eyes of the populace, is something every institution must guard against.

I know the judiciary doesn’t work under duress, and the ruling to ensure majority being seated and voting was well thought through and I respect that decision.

Once the law is not in your bosom, nor mine, we can only support the judiciary and pray for better days ahead.

Kun fa Yakun

By: Godwin Ako Gunn