Abehenease Celebrates Homowo In Peace And Harmony


Nii Kotey Susubiribi Onyaa Brempong I, Abehebease Mantse, Family Heads, Elders and People of the entire Abehenease Community were engaged in a colourful event over the weekend to commemorate this year’s Homowo in peace and unity as all and sundry were seen charged in a spirit of unity.


The Traditional Leader in collaboration with other Elders of the Community knowing the times in which the country, as well as the global village live in, because of the deadly Coronavirus Disease, made provisions for hand washing and keeping to social distancing protocols as prescribed by the government aimed at containing the spread of the virus.

Nii Kotey Brempong I, sprinkled “Kpokpoi,” a staple food of the Gas on the principal streets of towns within Abehenease and its environs.

Speaking to the media after the sprinkling exercise, Nii Kotey Brempong Abrempong I, urged the people of Abehenease to continue living in peace and harmony because there is strength in unity and unity in turn, brings about development.

” I am optimistic that if we continue to live in peace and unity, next year and the future festival celebrations will be better and enjoyable than ever,” the traditional Leader disclosed.

He therefore advised his fellow neighbouring towns who will equally be celebrating the Homowo to also abide by the above protocols in order to have a healthy celebration devoid of any record of anyone contracting the deadly virus.

The traditional leader seized the opportunity to appeal to Government to provide the Abehebease community with basic amenities including Schools, Roads, Public Toilets as well as a Health Centre amongst other developmental projects to hasten the development journey of Abehenease.

“We have already allocated parcels of land at various locations for the construction of these amenities,” the traditional ruler disclosed.

The traditional ruler called on all elders and Family Heads within GaDangme to help in the transformation of the entire GaDangme community.

He also charged them to help in the settlement of all kinds of disputes that have bedeviled GaDangme, leading to retardation of developmental projects in the communities.

Nii Kotey Brempong I, seized the opportunity to put across his heart desire of seeing Asere, and all other families that make up the GaDangme to rise again.

“I am pleading with Asere Dzaasetse to speed up the process and various rites to selecting and enstooling an appropriate Asere Mantse who will in turn, lead in the process of enstooling the appropriate Ga Mantse”. He stated.

This he said when properly done, will help put a stop to the chieftaincy disputes within the GaDangme towns which have become common in recent times.

Nii Kotey expressed his heart felt gratitude to the entire community and his elders and other opinion Leaders of Abehenease for their continued collaboration and efforts at making this year’s festival chalk such a huge success.

By Kingsley Asiedu


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