A Friendly Letter To Kevin Taylor


I get a lot of calls and messages in the evenings asking me to tune in to *WITH ALL DUE RESPECT* on loud silence radio, when it is on. You are doing well with your following. Great numbers. Social media is the ish for us, so to keep such numbers I must congratulate you.


A politicians strength shouldn’t only be measured on the jabs and punches he throws at those in power, or opposing opinions, but also with the abilities to receive in good faith punches and jabs thrown at him when he errs or carries an unpopular opinion. This is why I am sharing some of my disagreements with you.

It’s not my style to respond to media men. I respect divergence in opinions that is why i will choose freedom of speech over dictatorship, tyranny or abusers of power.

I am deviating today because of the number of NDC supporters and sympathisers who follow you religiously, and comments i have read following your last program.

I feel I must help put things in proper perspective with the little information I have because there are always other sides to every coin.

Recently, you have really turned your guns on the leadership of the NDC, both Parliamentary and functional executives. Ordinarily this should not be an issue, if I laughed over the hours you spent on the NPP, ceteris paribus, I shouldn’t complain.

Media thrives on information. Whether leaked, investigated or what have you. I know you have a source feeding you with the information you share, or through your own findings. I must respect that, after all my brother Mugabe Maase sometimes uses up to five hundred million angels on his show. I wonder how he is able to count them .

Kelvin, I am sorry to submit to you that sometimes you are either misled or the information available to you may not be that accurate.

I am doing this not against you, but for the party I have sworn to defend at all times.

I appreciate your efforts towards fighting for change. I can assure you that our leadership at the party’s headquarters and at parliament are eager to see change just like the majority of Ghanaians on the streets.

The generals that will lead the charge come 2024 will be our flagbearer, national executives, members of parliament and parliamentary candidates that will emerge. The protection of their image is significant to me.

In this political enterprise, I agree that someone will always be eyeing a seat someone is occupying. It is fair. No seat (position) belongs to any individual. It will be contested. However, it shouldn’t be done through cowardice.

If someone wants to see a change in parliamentary leadership, he knows what to do. Same way, if someone wants to be an executive at the constituency, regional or national level, next year by January, the process will begin. People shouldn’t be throwing falsehood to media men.

Kelvin, this is not just about you, but for people who easily take advantage of situations to “piss in”, attack others, using the media, pseudo accounts etc. They share complete falsehood or half truths .

I can assure you, our parliamentary leadership work closely with the leadership of the party. I agree some decisions may not sit well with some members and sympathisers of the party but they were decisions to be taken.

Trust me, our members of parliament are doing extremely well. Talk of research, investigations and probing. Their judgment have been extremely helpful.

They are not saints, but one thing I will assure you and others who have a negative perception about them, they will never betray the NDC. There are some decisions they took that did not sit well with many, but I will not try making any explanation because it was a decision at a very high levels of the party.

Between the devil and the deep blue sea, there is a choice to be made. Some may prefer the devil, others the deep blue sea. This is what makes us the National Democratic Congress. People with different opinions coming together to agree on a particular ideology. We appreciate divergence.

The way your jabs are going, I feel I must share this opinion and shape opinions. I will be seen as a hypocrite if I respond at a time it’s about me. If I didn’t defend the Jew, the socialist and the trade unionists when they were attacked, where will my morals be in case the attack is turned on my flagbearer tomorrow?

There is another erroneous impression you create that when someone doesn’t agree with something, then he is Anti Mahama. Let’s not be deceived,not all who say praise the Lord praise the Lord, believe in the Lord. Some find it as a safe trend for acceptance, especially when it’s about elections.

NDC will live beyond 2028, that is the only reason why I itch when any leader in the party is attacked. Leadership rotates !!! Today it’s someone , tomorrow it will be another. We must throw all our support and confidence behind them at any material time. Sometimes the name calling may be demoralising to some, but not all.

I wish you well and pray your program grows from strength to strength. Hope this piece finds you well. That is the beauty of democracy we have all signed to. May the good Lord grant us long life to see the better days ahead .

Kun fa Yakun



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