Shut Up And Apologise…Ablekuma West NDC To Ursula Owusu


The communication bureau of Ablekuma West Constituency of the National Democratic Congress, NDC, would like to draw your attention to the unparliamentary behavior exhibited by Member of Parliament for Ablekuma West Hon.


Ursula Owusu Ekuful on her unpalatable and insulting response about the collapse of a Foot bridge erected over the Chemu lagoon for commuters who go about their daily business between Shiabu and Chorkor.

The MP on commissioning of the project now known as “floating bridge is falling down”, said, “The bridge is a floating one and will rise to allow passage of water and return to its position after a downpour,” this she did with pomp and pageantry to the waste of the tax payers money.

The bridge according to her had undergone modern engineering works and as such could withstand any turbulence from upstream and will last such that, no deity could collapse it. This floating bridge as we all know was washed off during an hour downpour on Sunday April 26 2020.

The MP in her response has accused some residents of having a hand in the collapse of the bridge without any shred of evidence. A response we find quite distasteful and concocted to cover her incompetence and disgrace. This bridge has really exposed her and she is not fit to represent the people of this constituency.

The structural defects after putting up such a footbridge over a pathway of rushing water and debris has exposed her. Ironically a bridge constructed on the same lagoon under the leadership of the former MP Hon. Fritz Baffour and inaugurated by H.E. J.E.A Mills in October 2011 still stands after all these years.

The residents of Ablekuma West, especially Shiabu and its environs, are not nation wreckers as she might want us to believe.

The bridge was meant to serve the people, what benefits will be gained by deliberately collapsing it? Will Ursula Owusu have had the courage to insult her kinsmen if it had happened in her hometown? What crime have the residents committed by voting for her twice to keep her in parliament, is that their reward for voting for her and her party?.

By her statement that the real owners, had taken up the country, she has disrespected the residents of Chorkor, Mamponse, Shiabu and its environs who are predominantly Gas.

Her penchant for making such unguarded statements and accusations has the tendency of dividing the country, which also does not augur for the development and cohesion of this constituency.

We therefore by this release call on all well-meaning Ghanaians to condemn in no uncertain terms the false accusations by the MP.

She must therefore take the necessary steps to retract and apologize to the residents of the area for her crass incompetence which she and her party NPP have shown in the governance of the country.

Source: Ghana News Desk



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